How To Buy Our Catering Equipment


Many years of experience in importing catering equipment into the UK and distributing it to our ever-growing network of national dealers has taught us the importance of sourcing the right products to suit the needs of our customers.

We offer two ways of purchasing our catering equipment products depending on your requirements; through internet dealers or through local dealers.

Alternatively, if you’re a dealer interested in becoming one of our partners, please call us on 0161 633 5797.


Choose one of our Internet Dealers if you:

  • Know exactly what you are looking for in terms of the product and its requirements and features
  • Are certain of the gas and electricity supply on site
  • Can accept a kerbside delivery
  • Know exactly what you need
  • Have the ability, man power and resources to get the product in the premises, in situ and installed

Choose one of our Specialist Cuppone Dealers if you want:

  • Someone to conduct a site survey at your premises
  • Personal and professional advice to find out your exact requirements and ensure that you get the perfect product for you
  • Someone to arrange delivery and installation
  • Specialists who can check and measure the facilities in place
  • Kitchen design