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Avoid a soggy bottom!

Making the perfect pizza can be somewhat of a challenge, especially for those of you out there who are putting pizza on their menu for the first time. This blog is a guide for common problems found when cooking a pizza.

2013 – a hard act to follow

2013 will be a hard act to follow but 2014 is already stepping up to the mark and is in line to be a great year and we are only one week in!

Christmas Information 2013

LLK will be closed over the festive period from 1pm on Monday 23rd December 2013 until Thursday 2nd January 2014, but fear not help is still on hand!

LLK’s 12 Days of Christmas

Over the next 12 working days, as a gift from us to you, we are offering £50 off our 12 best selling products! It's a cracker!

The Path to Perfect Pizza is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Linda Lewis Kitchens - the sole UK distributor of world-renowned Cuppone pizza ovens – is out to prove that the perfect pizza is a simple three steps away for any pizzeria, restaurant or bakery that’s keen to deliver the ultimate in authentic Italian, quality cooking.