Add pizzas to your menu and watch profits soar!

For fast food outlets, food-to-go and quick serve restaurants that are looking to expand their menus and boost profits, installing a versatile, quality pizza oven could well be the answer, advises Linda Lewis Kitchens.

With pizza recognised as one of the most popular foods in the UK, adding fresh takeaway pizza to the menu – sold either whole or by the slice – will substantially widen menu options and draw in the crowds. Quick and easy to prepare and cook from fresh or frozen dough, pizza offers impressive margins too.

For true authenticity, it’s important to invest in a quality pizza oven that can produce consistent results. Such an investment need not cost the earth, and the right choice of oven can even cook a variety of other foods to further expand customer choice and margins.

The Cuppone range of Tiziano electric pizza ovens is available exclusively from Linda Lewis Kitchens and is a popular choice throughout fast food outlets where space and money is at a premium. Available in various deck sizes, these ovens are time efficient, cost effective and compact in size, with selected models capable of cooking up to four 12” pizzas in 3-6 minutes with the authentic stone-baked taste of Italy.

The Tiziano pizza oven can also cook a variety of other quick dishes too, including fish, meat, pies, sausages, pasta and jacket potatoes, as well as being useful for reheating or finishing off dishes during busy service hours. For those outlets that cater for large volumes, this model comes in single, twin and triple deck sizes and can even be stacked to cope to cope with reduced space.

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