Established in 2006 by strong minded business woman, Linda Lewis, Linda Lewis Kitchens (LLK) specialises in the import of the highest quality, Italian manufactured catering equipment. Determined to help her customers succeed, Linda made sure everything she brought to the UK had been built to the highest standard for longevity and reliability.  In 2010, Linda made a real impact to the UK pizza market when she landed sole rights to Italian pizza oven brand Cuppone, this is when LLK started to emerge as the industry’s pizza specialists.

Cuppone was established in 1963 by brothers Lorenzo, Luigi & Paolo. Specialising in only the production of pizza ovens, the brothers achieved multiple innovative designs that sent the pizza market into a spin. These included the Pizzaform in 1975, the first electric pizza oven in 1981 and introduced the first electric oven with rotating deck, the Giotto, in 2009.

In 2016, LLK introduced to the market their very own range of DEFRA approved wood and gas living-flame ovens, offering their customers a more traditional cooking experience. Lovingly developed over 10 years using the most innovative materials and techniques, LLK’s living-flame ovens have proved a hit, including the ground-breaking Giovanni oven, which features a rotating base and fixed wood shelf.

Linda’s mission has always been to offer the best possible buying experience for LLK’s customers and following a once in a life time, eye opening opportunity with Goldman Sachs, LLK launched their very own development kitchen at their new premises in Oldham, just outside of Manchester. This brought the opportunity for their customers to ‘try before they buy’ LLK’s development kitchen which has boosted sales and proved that a hands-on approach to selling really works. Boasting a range of electric, gas and wood pizza ovens, LLK’s kitchen allows their customers to assess the best options for their business as well as gaining invaluable knowledge from LLK’s Development Chef, Fabio Aurelio.

Italian born Fabio joined team LLK in September 2017. The well-travelled pizza master, who has worked in places such as Australia and Canada, has a passion for ingredients, techniques and most importantly having the right equipment to contribute towards running a successful operation. Fabio can offer bespoke consultancy including, ingredient, menu and equipment specification.

LLK have always stood by their business model of using a network of trusted dealers throughout the UK to distribute their goods. LLK’s dealers are equipped to complete jobs from start to finish, including design and project management, meaning LLK can work closely to help specify the right equipment for the customer. As well as using the development kitchen for one on one consultancy, LLK take pride in hosting dealer workshops, equipping their dealers with top tips and industry knowledge to sell the best match oven for their customer. 

LLK’s fabulous team love a good chat and will be happy to guide you through your best options. They can also put you in touch with the best dealer for you. Call us today on 0161 633 5797 to begin your journey to success!


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