LLK gets appy!

We are pleased to finally announce the launch of our brand-new app which has been designed by our Marketing Executive, Grace! This pioneering step for the LLK brand will be the next milestone in our development towards a more technological approach to how we interact with customers and our loyal service engineers.

The basis behind our new app is to provide our fabulous end-users and dealers with all they need to know about the ovens without having to read through seemingly endless pages in user manuals. App customers can find out about LLK equipment, see honest reviews from customers, as well as be able to view operational videos of some of the equipment from the Linda Lewis range- which has been explicitly created to be easy to follow. Customers can also directly contact a member of our dedicated team who can assist them with any enquiries regarding products or services they may have.

The exclusive videos that feature on the application will show you not only how to operate our equipment but also how to clean and maintain the equipment, ultimately reducing the need for engineer call outs.

It is also great for our service engineers who work on behalf of LLK up and down the country; they will be able to use the app on the job to view machinery parts and service guides, making it much easier to learn about our machinery and to identify which parts to order without having to search through manuals.
The app can also be set to “push notifications”, which will alert our customers to new offers and products. Enabling the notifications will ensure that our loyal customers are the first to know… (even before the press!)

The easy to use the app can be directly downloaded on iPhone by scanning the QR code: simply open the camera and scan the QR code featured on the LLK website. For Android users, after downloading a QR scanner and presenting the QR code the app will download instantly. So…what are you waiting for… Get scanning now!