Heated Displays

The LLK hot food merchandiser fulfills the highest of requirements for its type of equipment and in true LLK style, its appearance doesn’t disappoint.

The LLK hot food merchandiser has easily adjustable temperature controls and is designed in stainless steel, to maintain cleanliness efficiently.

The hot food merchandiser also boasts simple usability with easy installation, preparation, and operation to assure all of your staff peace of mind when using the equipment. These models also come complete with built-in water reservoir, curved front glass, and a removable internal gantry.

Model  W      D        H Temperature Range Weight Loading
LLKHD2  750   775   585 +30°C – +120°C 45kg 3kw
LLKHD3 1080 775   585 +30°C – +120°C 45kg 3kw

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