Friulco Heavy Duty Pizza Former Roller

Are you preparing at least 150 to 200 pizzas daily?

Get off to a running start with our amazing ‘unbreakable’ Friulco Pizza Sprint range.

These heavy duty pizza former rollers are fully stainless steel; designed and constructed to flatten and extend large quantities of pizza dough to a desired and precise thickness.

The Friulco roller machines are in a class of their own, standing head and shoulders above many other rollers on the market due to their innovative and patented design which includes a unique steel chain and gearbox system, as an alternative to the usual belt you would find on most rollers, as well as a special balance device that keeps everything completely automatic.

The robust rollers work well with cold dough and are able to produce the same results as hand rolled dough; preserving that all important authentic taste and texture whilst maintaining consistency and accuracy every time.

With all products featuring an adjustable thickness control, the Pizza Sprint range allows you to create a perfectly smooth and uniform sheet of dough in less than one second, with minimum fuss and effort.

There are four different models available, with varying specifications to suit the needs of any catering establishment.

Model Dimensions Range Dough Ball Capacity Weight Loading
LLKFRS33 600w x 560d x 810h 18 to 33cm 100g – 350g 39kg 370W
LLKFRS51 630w x 700d x 840h 25 to 51cm 200g – 1000g 88kg 750W
LLKFRS61 780w x 780d x 900h 25 to 51cm 150g – 2000g 82kg 750W

Dough Roller Specs


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