Fimar Pizza Former Roller

The Fimar Pizza Former Roller has been designed and manufactured especially for rolling out dough balls for pizza bases and flat breads.

It is a very easy machine to use; you simply set the rollers at your required thickness, place your dough ball in the top roller, turn it 90 degrees before it goes through the bottom roller and voila! You have your dough rolled quickly and easily without the need for skilled labour.

The thickness of the rollers can be easily adjusted according to your needs between 0.5mm to 5.5mm. The fact that the Fimar Pizza Former Roller is cold-working means that the characteristics of the dough are not altered during the rolling process. This is perfect for if you are planning to make deep pan pizzas.

The body of the machine is manufactured from stainless steel for optimum durability. It has been designed in accordance with European regulations and carries all safety features as required.


Model Dimensions Capacity Weight Loading Thickness
LLKFR30 490w x 510d x 640h 300mm (12”) 36kg 370W/230V Single Phase 0.5mm to 5.5mm
LLKFR40 590w x 510d x 760h 400mm (16”) 44kg 370W/230V Single Phase 0.5mm to 5.5mm

Fimar Pizza Former Roller Specs


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