Elframo Gas Fryers

The Elframo Gas Fryers are made entirely of stainless steel and have large diameter support feet.

The Stainless Steel Tank has been specifically designed to allow residual particles to fall into a cool zone to avoid burning and to prolong oil life. The tank is lapped directly by the burner flames and crossed by two oversized heat exchangers. With this system, the oil reaches full temperature in only ten to fifteen minutes and the available heat is used to maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

The Gas Controls are completely automatic with piezo-electric ignition. A security valve immediately cuts off the gas supply in the event of any flame failure. The oil in the tank reaches temperature by means of two thermostats with sensing probes, the main one allowing different temperature settings, the second being a safety high limit thermostat with a manual reset button.

There is also a stainless steel oil collecting bin with removable filter and the oil draining tap is positioned just inside the door for easy access.


Model Dimensions Basket Size Total Oil Capacity Weight Output (approx) Loading Gas Connection
LLKG7LSingle Pan 700w x 700d x 850h 265w x 365d x 120h 35 Litres 80kg 88lb/40kg frozen chips per hour 65,000 btu/hr – 19kW

½” hose required. Available in Natural Gas or LPG

LLKGFDTwin Pan 700w x 600d x 850h 215w x 290d x 120h 24 Litres 70kg 101lb/45kg frozen chips per hour 62,000 btu/hr – 18kW

Elframo KG7L Complete Instructions   Elframo LLKG7L Parts

Elframo LLKGFD Complete Instructions   Elframo LLKGFD Parts

Elframo Fryers Specs



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