Elframo Electric Fryers

The Elframo Electric Fryers are made entirely of stainless steel and have adjustable support feet.

The Stainless Steel Tank has been specifically designed to allow residual particles to fall into a cool zone to avoid burning and to prolong oil life. The tank is moulded without any welding which allows for quick and easy cleaning.

There is also a stainless steel oil collecting bin with removable surface filter and the oil draining tap is positioned just inside the door for easy access. These machines feature an additional safety thermostat with a fixed setting of 220°C


Model Dimensions Basket Size Total Oil Capacity Weight Output (approx) Loading
LLKE3L 400w x 600d x 850h 235w x 290d x 120h 12 Litres 30kg 44lb/20kg frozen chips per hour 6kW – 240V – Single or 3 phase
LLKE4DL 700w x 600d x 850h 235w x 290d x 120h 24 Litres 48kg 88lb/40kg frozen chips per hour 2 x 6kW – 240V – Single or 3 phase

Elframo Fryers Complete Instructions     Elframo Fryers Specs

LLKE3L Parts Diagram

LLKE4DL Parts Diagram




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