Electric Griddles

Introducing our new Eco-Griddles. In these green and eco-friendly times, only we can offer you the following energy saving features over other griddles on the market:

  1. Up to a 50% reduction in heat up and recovery times
  2. Up to a 35% improvement in energy efficiency over conventional griddles
  3. Idle energy consumption is up to 15% lower than conventional designs
  4. improved heat distribution, giving up to 57% more usable cooking area
  5. Annual energy savings of up to 38% over conventional designs.

Electric Griddles Parts Diagram

Model Dimensions Weight Loading Cooking Capacity
Single Control
LLKFG2 550w x 375d x 230h 18kg 3kW – 13 Amp plug 300 burgers per hour
LLKFG3 300w x 600d x 300h 18kg 2kW – 13 Amp plug 200 burgers per hour
LLKFG4 450w x 600d x 300h 22kg 3kW – 13 Amp plug 300 burgers per hour
LLKFG6 600w x 600d x 300h 26kg 3kW – 13 Amp plug 400 burgers per hour
Dual Control
LLKFGD6 600w x 600d x 300h 28kg 2 x 2kW – 2 x 13 Amp plugs 450 burgers per hour
LLKFGD9 900w x 600d x 300h 44kg 2 x 3kW – 2 x 13 Amp plugs 600 burgers per hour

Stands for Electric Griddles Specs:

Model To Suit Dimensions Weight
LLKFST3 LLKFG3 300w x 550d x 650h 9kg
LLKFST4 LLKFG4 450w x 550d x 650h 10kg
LLKFST6 LLKFG2, LLKFG6, LLKFGD6 600w x 550d x 650h 12kg
LLKFST9 LLKFGD9 900w x 600d x 300h 15kg



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