A Pizza oven fit for Champions!

This week marks the 26th Pizza World Championship. Competitors from all over the world have descended on Parma in the hope that they will be crowned the Pizza Champion, but a Champion is only as good as their tools and this year not only are our luxury Lily pizza paddles being put to the test our Cuppone Giotto has been selected as the oven of choice by the competitors to help them wow the judges.

Superbly elegant, extremely practical and functional, the Cuppone Giotto Oven is the first ever electric oven with a revolving stone base. The Giotto ovens guarantee high productivity and stand comparison with any other type of oven: electric, gas or wood-burning. We regularly put this to the test at our dealer demonstration days and not one of our fabulous dealers could tell the difference between a pizza cooked in our Verrocchio (Living Flame) and Giovanni (Woodfired) ovens and the pizza cooked in our Baby Giotto.

The Giotto has been specifically crafted by our lovely Italian counterparts Cuppone to be easy to install. The oven is delivered tilted upright on wheels which allow it to be easily wheeled through any opening that measures 800w x 2000h and can be assembled ready for installation within one hour.

It’s panoramic glass door and internal lights which allow the user to check the progress of their pizzas without opening the door and losing heat. The oven also features two rotation speeds, identified by a tortoise and a hare. The tortoise setting takes 30 seconds to do a full revolution and is to make loading and unloading as easy as possible; the hare setting takes just 7 seconds per revolution and is to be used for cooking the pizzas.  The digital control panel can also be programmed to come on automatically, meaning there is no need for staff to arrive early to turn the oven on.

The Giotto is an ideal oven for any kitchen that is limited in space, this stylish oven can easily fit into a corner space and its aesthetic makes it ideal for front of house and comes complete with an extraction hood as well as a stand that has storage underneath.

Like all Cuppone products, this fabulous oven is supplied with a 2 years parts and 1-year labour warranty.

Want to know more? Contact a member of the sales team on 0161 633 5797.