Friulco Products

Established in 1984, Friulco are a leading manufacturer of pizza production equipment and juicing machines, based in Italy. This admired brand is known all over the world for its efficiency, quality, and innovation and we are very enthusiastic about working with them and distributing their pizza equipment products here in the UK.

We have chosen to work with Friulco as they are absolute experts in their field; specialising solely in the careful manufacturing of their own products. This brilliant attention to detail ensures outstanding quality across the board, and will enable us to continue delivering excellence to our valued customers.

Friulco are experts in producing robust and indestructible catering equipment, renowned for its remarkable reliability; and all Friulco products are built to the highest of specifications to guarantee precise and consistent results time and time again.

Investing in a dynamic Friulco product could help you to cut costs in various aspects of your catering business; especially through the reduction of time and food wastage.

If you are interested in becoming the proud owner of one of these highly dependable products, click on an image below to view our full Friulco product range, or give us a call on 0161 633 5797 for more information.

Pizza Former Rollers


Friulco Dough Rounders


Friulco Dough Dividers


Friulco Combi Machines